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Besides establishing a strong private practice in criminal defense that includes a winning track record, Darren Griffis is also a former public defender and also worked for a large Boston-based international law firm, where he worked on complex white collar criminal cases and investigations. This background gives him unique knowledge and skills that benefit your criminal case.

With impressive experience in and out of a courtroom, he knows how to find weaknesses in the case and strengthen his client’s defense at the same time. With his knowledge of how the prosecution gathers evidence and their methods for building a case, Darren Griffis understands the opposition in a way other defense attorneys don’t. You’ll benefit from Darren’s extensive knowledge as he negotiates favorable outcomes and protects your rights.

Darren Griffis has a deep understanding of Massachusetts law, focusing on criminal defense and criminal appeals at the state and federal levels. He knows how to defend cases aggressively and win after years of prior experience in both private practice and as a public defender.

Effective Counsel And A Reputation For Winning Results

Effective Counsel And A Reputation For Winning Results

For effectiveness and achieving favorable results for clients, Darren Griffis tops the list. Dedicated to serving clients arrested for various criminal charges, his reputation precedes him, and he always works diligently to ensure the best legal representation for every client.

He has represented hundreds of criminal clients in Massachusetts, successfully handling everything from bail arguments, pretrial conferences, and plea negotiations, to probation violations and lengthy trials. No matter the criminal charge, Darren Griffis provides you with the highest level of counsel focused on achieving the best outcome.

Backed with over ten years of experience fighting for clients’ rights in cases involving everything from minor driving offenses to serious felonies such as drug trafficking and gun cases, he is the one you want on your side in the courtroom. Protection of your rights is his priority-one goal, making him one of Worcester’s top criminal defense attorneys.

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Most Common Crimes By Arrestees In Massachusetts

Most Common Crimes By Arrestees In Massachusetts

Categories Of Criminal Offenses In 2020

Every year, police make tens of thousands of criminal arrests in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The most common charges are assault or assault and battery, drug and narcotic violations, burglary and breaking and entering, sexual assault, and driving under the influence.

Darren Griffis understands the complexities of each category of criminal charges and works closely with his clients to build a strong defense with the best chance of winning their case. Regardless of the charge you face, you need a dedicated criminal attorney like Darren Griffis to protect your rights.

Stats based on all arrestees in 2019 & 2020 from the state of Massachusetts.

Crimes Committed Most Often In Massachusetts

Crimes Committed Most Often In Massachusetts

Every year, various crimes, both felonies and misdemeanors, are committed in Massachusetts. The majority of these fall within the following categories: property crimes, driving offenses and OUI, sexual assault, robbery, assault, burglary, and theft.

If you are arrested for one of these crimes, you need an experienced attorney who not only knows the specific elements that must be proven for conviction but also knows how to defend against them aggressively. Darren Griffis builds a solid case to defend his clients, ensuring the best representation in all types of criminal cases.

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