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What is a Title IX Charge in Massachusetts, and How Does it Differ from Criminal Charges?

Title IX was originally follow-up legislation to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It added sex as a protected class, and prohibited sex-based discrimination at all schools and universities that receive federal funds. This law changed how schools handle claims of sexual harassment and/or acts of sexual violence…Read More

What are the Potential Outcomes of a Title IX Case?

The possible outcomes of a Title IX case vary significantly from school to school. However, generally speaking, if you’re found responsible for a Title IX violation, you could face a number of penalties. These include:

  • Penalties on-campus (which may affect your ability to graduate on time)
  • Housing limitations
  • Physical banishment from campus
  • Exclusion from certain classes, activities, or clubs
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

These potential penalties are to say nothing of the possible criminal charges and prison time that may accompany Title IX proceedings…Read More

Facing A Disciplinary Violation or College Crime Charge? Don’t Downplay the Charges. Call Us Immediately.

College Discipline & Title IX DefenseIf you are a college or university student in Worcester or anywhere in Massachusetts, you may be experiencing newfound freedom and opportunities to be social. Sadly, situations that involve partying and drinking can sometimes lead to allegations of sexual misconduct, underage alcohol possession, and/or drug possession. And while you’re supposed to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise, you don’t necessarily enjoy that luxury as a student. Because of college student conduct codes that do not provide adequate due process, many innocent students are punished for a variety of Title IX and other disciplinary violations.

Alleged violations of college and university student codes of conduct are serious and can have an irreversible effect on your life. They could easily lead to expulsion from school, criminal charges, and thousands of dollars in lost or forfeited tuition and fees. A record related to university or college misconduct can limit your employment, educational, and housing opportunities. And your reputation in school and at the start of your career could be ruined. We understand that a single event can be life-shattering and that you might be feeling overwhelmed by your current predicament. That’s where our Worcester Title IX and college and university misconduct attorney, Darren T. Griffis intervenes. He can help you avoid or reduce the potential consequences.

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Attorney Darren T. Griffis is an experienced and skilled Title IX and college and university misconduct lawyer with a proven track record of winning high-stakes cases. He provides unparalleled insight to offer strong defenses to college and university students. He has represented numerous students in Worcester and throughout Massachusetts. As a licensed attorney in Massachusetts, he aggressively fights charges of criminal misconduct and student conduct code violations and prioritizes his clients’ needs and well-being.

Defending Title IX and College Misconduct Cases

What University and Colleges Do We Serve?

Our law firm represents graduate and undergraduate students accused of violating student codes of conduct and/or Title IX violations in universities and colleges in Massachusetts, including:

  • Anna Maria College
  • Assumption College
  • Becker College
  • Clark University
  • College of the Holy Cross
  • Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University
  • MCPHS University
  • Nichols College
  • Quinsigamond Community College
  • UMass Medical School
  • Worcester Polytechnic University
  • Worcester State University

Whatever college or university you attend, college conduct code and Title IX violations can alter your life if not properly defended. Regardless of the offense or violation you’re being accused of, get in touch with our Worcester criminal defense law firm immediately. We know how to make sure your rights are protected and that you receive all the process to which you are entitled in order to maximize your chances of success!

Common Student Conduct Code Violations

What Are the Common Charges Faced by Students in Colleges and Universities in Worcester and Beyond?

If you study in a Worcester or Massachusetts college or university, you’ve probably seen or heard about a campus crime –- a student accused of rape or violating a Title IX policy, or who has been arrested for drunk driving, possession of drugs or alcohol, plagiarism or other allegations of cheating. The most common campus crimes in Worcester that we handle include:

  • Sexual assault
  • Title IX sexual misconduct or harassment
  • Drug crimes
  • Plagiarism
  • Allegations of cheating
  • Illegal gambling on and off-campus
  • Robbery or theft crimes
  • Driving under the influence (DUI or OUI)
  • Violent crimes –- extortion, robbery, homicide, murder, physical assault

We are aggressive and passionate when defending student misconduct allegations and those wrongly accused of crimes. We know that these accusations can harm the trajectory of your future. Don’t let that happen. Call us and let us help you with investigations that could have serious consequences for your life.

Legal Counsel for College and University Students

How Can a Lawyer Help?

As a student, you may think that merely telling your side of the story or cooperating might help your case, but it could be used against you. Don’t try to testify on your own behalf or speak to investigators on your own, especially if a disciplinary hearing or investigation may lead to criminal charges.

Due process isn’t always an administration’s first concern at a university or college when allegations of misconduct are brought against a student. And unfortunately, even Title IX investigators and administrators are often unaware of the legal implications of a Title IX charge.

Don’t risk your education, freedom, and future. Our college and university misconduct and Title IX defense lawyer knows how to gather evidence that will prove your innocence. Attorney Darren T. Griffis knows how best to present evidence to quickly absolve you from any wrongdoing.

Take action and take control. Call (508)475-5871 now for a free consultation.

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