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Sealing Criminal Records

Is A Criminal Record Holding You Back? Take The First Step. We Can Help

Sealing Criminal RecordsA criminal record can last a long time and continue to haunt you for many years. Problems will arise with job applications, college applications, financial aid applications, decisions of professional licensing boards, or even rental decisions by landlords and realtors. If you don’t want to appear in the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) database, you have to request a new police report, petition the court to remove your record from that case, and have all references to your name completely destroyed, leaving no access by the police, court, or any other state agency.

A Criminal Record Expungement/Record Sealing Attorney in Massachusetts

Having a criminal arrest or charge on your record can have far-reaching consequences. At the Law Offices of Darren T. Griffis, we help our clients get their records sealed or expunged. Our Worcester record sealing lawyers help clients throughout Massachusetts keep their records confidential or have them erased. Attorney Darren T. Griffis serves residents in Worcester, Westborough, Northbridge, Milford, Southborough, Grafton, and all smaller towns and rural areas of Massachusetts. Whether you pleaded guilty or not, our Massachusetts record sealing lawyer will help seal a record that resulted in a:

  • Dismissal
  • Pre-trial probation
  • Conviction
  • Continuance without a finding (CWOF)
  • General continuance

Massachusetts Sealing Law

What Does the Sealing Law in Massachusetts Say?

Massachusetts law extensively covers public access to criminal records. A CORI report will not only cover a conviction but also matters such as restitution orders, arrests, dispositions, durations of incarceration, etc.

Massachusetts General Laws c. 276 s. 100A – 100C governs how sealing is done. And if you meet the requirements, you may have your records sealed and limit your criminal record access. In MA, you have to wait seven years before requesting a Commissioner of Probation to seal a felony record and three years for a misdemeanor. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait 3 or 7 years to seal a criminal record. Since these sealing cases are handled on a case by case basis, a judge can still order sealing of a record if you can show that your desire to move on with your life is greater than the public interest in knowing what mistakes you made in the past.

Our skilled criminal record sealing attorney in Worcester can help you prepare, argue, and present motions to seal before the 3 or 7 waiting period. Don’t let this drag on forever. Let’s convince the judge you are now rehabilitated and get that record sealed ASAP. Call us today for a free, confidential consultation.

Criminal Record Expungement in Massachusetts

Is It Possible to Have My Criminal Record Expunged/Erased?

The difference between an expungement and a sealing is that an expungement gets your record completely erased like it never existed, while a sealing only blocks access to numerous people. Only the police, court, and a few state agencies can see a sealed record.

Prior to 2018, records couldn’t be expunged until Governor Baker signed into law the expungement and sealing reform act. Expungement is currently outlined in new sections MGL c. 276 s. 100E-100U. A judge will only approve an expungement in Massachusetts if it is a matter of:

  • Identity theft, or
  • Delinquency case that was dismissed due to insufficient evidence

Get in touch with us to determine whether you’re eligible for an expungement. Attorney Darren T. Griffis understands the system and knows how to make it work in your favor. After going through a successful expungement, you will be able to respond that you have no criminal records on applications for college, jobs, housing, and benefits.

Compassionate Legal Counsel Helping You Break Criminal Record Barriers

If your life is being limited because of something on your record, there’s no legal reason not to have your criminal record sealed. Furthermore, your CORI report won’t indicate there are any sealed records.

As a Worcester expungement/criminal record sealing law firm, The Law Offices of Darren T. Griffis understands how past criminal records can hold you back. Our job is to carefully craft a legal strategy specific to the circumstances of your petition to seal. We understand the law. And we’ll use it to your advantage. Call us today to talk to our dedicated Worcester criminal defense attorney about your situation.

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