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Restraining Order Violations

Have You Been Accused of Violating a Restraining Order? Our Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Restraining Order ViolationsIt is common for people to file for a restraining order in Massachusetts after being a victim of abuse, threats, harassment, stalking, or domestic violence. But if you are the person listed on the restraining order and go ahead and call or text to “just talk” to them, you could be convicted of violating the restraining order.

Violating a restraining order is a criminal offense bearing serious consequences. And such charges can be brought against you on what may seem like little proof, but which can lead to hefty fines, a prison sentence, and probation. Depending on your case, if you violated the order and you’re still involved in a legal battle with your accuser, your case may be negatively impacted by your failure to follow the law. We understand that facing contempt charges is scary and that a Worcester District Court judge can be harsh on you. Our Worcester restraining order violation lawyer is ready to help you avoid these severe consequences.

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Attorney Darren T. Griffis is an experienced and professional criminal defense lawyer in Worcester, MA, with a successful track record of battling restraining order violations. Attorney Griffis will help prevent an arbitrary decision using his many years of experience handling restraining order violation charges and other violence-related charges throughout Worcester county. When facing life-changing consequences, we will aggressively fight your criminal charges.

What Constitutes a Restraining Order Violation?

The Worcester District Court expects you to adhere to the “proximity” or “no contact” provisions outlined in the 209A restraining order. A violation of these provisions could arise when you make contact with the protected person. Appearing at their place of work or home, or appearing close to them within a certain distance is considered a violation of the order. Additionally, third-party contact through friends or relatives also constitutes a violation. The different forms of “contact” our law firm commonly sees include:

  • Texting
  • Emailing
  • Contact through phone calls
  • Contacting children
  • Using Facebook
  • Leaving notes
  • Commenting on their social media posts

Whether you retweeted their post, liked their picture on Facebook, or accidentally bumped into the person at Union Station or on Main Street, we are ready to represent you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Consequences

What Are the Penalties for Violating a Restraining Order in Worcester?

A conviction of a restraining order violation in Massachusetts carries a penalty of up to 2½ years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000. It could also include a compelled batterer’s program and probation conditions depending on the judge’s personal opinions.

In addition to these penalties, a violation of a restraining order could prevent you from seeing your children or lead to a loss of child custody. These are tough consequences you shouldn’t have to face if found guilty. Don’t risk it. Don’t go through it alone. Call our law firm today, and we’ll help you minimize the consequences.

Learn Your Legal Options

Will A Lawyer Help in My Contempt of a Restraining Order Case?

Allegations of violating a restraining order are serious. You don’t want to face the prosecutors on your own because they are particularly zealous in such cases. You will be facing an uphill battle that you can’t win alone.

Once someone accuses you of a restraining order violation, the police, the judge, and even the prosecutors will be watching you closely. You are also likely to be held in jail if the prosecutors deem you dangerous and the judge agrees with them.

Don’t go it alone! Call a restraining order violations lawyer serving in the Worcester area. Attorney Darren T. Griffis is ready to cross-examine the complaining witness and inspect the restraining order documents to search for defects that will help protect your freedom.

Don’t risk being without trustworthy legal counsel. Get in touch with Worcester restraining order attorney Darren T. Griffis.

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