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Larceny and Fraud

Massachusetts Theft & Fraud Defense Attorney Darren Griffis

Larceny and FraudIf you’ve been arrested or brought in for questioning concerning a theft or fraud case, it’s essential you work with an experienced Criminal Defense attorney. Darren T. Griffis, a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, can advise you on your rights when dealing with the police and argue your case before a judge and court.

There are many ways that you could be charged with theft under Massachusetts law, and none of them are to be taken lightly. Whether you have been accused of shoplifting, stealing a vehicle, or identity theft, the impact of a conviction can be severe, and the resulting penalties could affect the rest of your life. At Worcester Criminal Defense, we have successfully represented many clients charged with a wide variety of theft crimes and we are ready to bring our experience to your case.

Theft in Massachusetts

Most theft crimes in Massachusetts exist under the legal term “larceny,” with various degrees and types of theft included within that larger category. Larceny is defined in Massachusetts as the unlawful taking and carrying away of another’s personal property, with the specific intent to permanently deprive the person of the property. Larceny can include the following:

  • Stealing or taking the property of another person
  • fraudulently obtaining another person’s property under false pretenses
  • unlawfully converting another person’s property with the intent to keep it, or
  • hiding another person’s property with the intent to convert and steal it.

Larceny can include theft of small sums of money or property with a value under $1,200, which is classified as a misdemeanor. However, if the total value of the stolen items or money exceeds $1,200, you could be charged with a felony offense, which carries a potential sentence of up to 5 years in state prison, a $25,000 fine, or 2½ years in county jail.

Although there are maximum sentences and fines for larceny, the punishment varies widely depending on the item stolen, if someone was injured or killed during the theft, and many other factors. Because of the wide range of potential repercussions and the range of larceny charges you could face, it’s essential that you work with a criminal defense lawyer with experience handling all types of larceny cases.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Speaking to the police by yourself without legal representation, can be dangerous and is almost always harmful. If you choose the wrong words or admit to something because you felt pressured, the police can use that to charge you with a crime.

If the police ask to speak with you regarding a crime, you should decline and immediately contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer. While waiting for your lawyer to arrive, it’s essential that you not speak with the police. You should NEVER speak to the police without a lawyer present!

Additionally, if the police charge you with a crime, having a lawyer experienced in criminal defense improves your chances of winning your case or receiving a lesser sentence. Trying to defend yourself in court, especially against a significant charge like larceny, could result in you receiving the maximum punishment.

Work With Top Criminal Defense Lawyers in Massachusetts

Darren T. Griffis has extensive experience protecting his clients’ rights in criminal defense, DUI and OUI, and Title IX complaints. Because of his time spent in private practice and as an Assistant Public Defender in Rhode Island, he understands how to defend his clients from a variety of claims.

If the police have questioned you concerning an ongoing investigation or have charged you with a theft or fraud crime, call Darren Griffis today at 508-762-4570 to arrange an initial consultation and protect your rights.

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