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Criminal Defense Attorney Darren Griffis

Client Testimonials

“I hired Mr. Griffis to assist me with a university discipline case involving a freedom of expression concern. Mr. Griffis was quite knowledgeable about the pertinent laws and legal precedents, and he was able to help me navigate the complex administrative rules. Ultimately, his counsel resulted in an outcome that was generally favorable. Mr. Griffis was also accommodating with regard to legal fees. I would certainly recommend Mr. Griffis to another student facing an academic discipline issue.”Theodore

“I’ve hired the best attorney’s money can buy. Darren Griffis is up there with the best. Ges methodical, articulate just very intelligent. You can’t go wrong hiring him. Trust nobody knows lawyers like me.”Dan

“Darren was a pleasure to work with from the very start. I had found myself in trouble for a first-time shoplifting offense and when I reached out to Darren he was extremely professional at guiding me throughout the whole process. He was always available if I had any questions or concerns regarding my case. In the end, he was able to get all charges dropped without it ever showing on my record. I would highly recommend him to anyone I knew who was in legal trouble. Very courteous and professional.”A Satisfied Client

“Darren Griffis you are the best defense attorney for my husband’s case thank you so much. To me and Don.”Chi

“Griffis represented me for my traffic citation hearing. He demonstrated an understanding of the law and court system. I felt as if my case was in good hands.”Nathan

“Darren represented me approximately one month ago and reached a positive resolution to my case. He was responsive, insightful and relentless. Darren fully addressed my many questions and those of my family members. Without hesitation, I fully recommend Atty Darren Griffis.”A Satisfied Client

“Attorney Griffis gave great advice and made my situation painless! Each step of the process was explained clearly and professionally. I would gladly recommend him or his firm in the future.”Alex

“Got me off possession charges was very nice and knew what he was doing I recommend him to anyone.”John

“Darren was great. Efficient, proactive, understanding and very effective. He was able to help me understand the spectrum of possibilities that were associated with my case and ultimately, the best outcome we could hope for. Very responsive and willing to help to the best of his ability.”Chris

“Darren was able to provide us with the tools we needed to fight a school suspension/possible expulsion. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable and kept us informed of every step along the way. He attended two hearings with us and we are confident that we would have had a much different and worse outcome without his assistance.”A Satisfied Client

“I won my case. Darren was great at communicating how the process would work. I felt safe, he trusted everything I said and was a great listener. He came up with amazing ideas to work around the law system to help my brothers and me from a difficult situation. I really liked working with him. He was always on my side. I was never lost in the process. Thank you Darren!”Ana

“Darren was great throughout the entire process. He was very accommodating and always had an answer to any question or concern I had. It was very beneficial having Darren represent me, as it shortened the process in court. He also vouched for me when the probation office tried to tack on extra penalties/requirements – however, Darren did not let this happen and I did not face any additional requirements that weren’t mandated by the court. Overall, Darren was incredibly helpful to me and most importantly my family throughout the process, and I cannot thank him enough for it.”Matt

“Darren was amazing. We’ve never needed a lawyer and had no idea what to expect. He was great at explaining to us and my son about what to expect and what may or may not happen. Always available if we needed to talk or had any questions. We ended up with a very positive outcome which I believe would not have happened if we didn’t have Darren representing us.”A Satisfied Client

“This review is in regards to attorney Darren T. Griffis. My family for quite some time was looking for an experienced attorney that would take the case that I had and we could not find anyone that would take the case or had the experience to take on this case not until we met attorney Darren T. Griffis from the very beginning Darren immediately started to give us advice and took our case in all my years I can tell you that I could not recommend a better Attorney with absolute knowledge and courage and respect and professionalism that Darren has five stars are not enough to give Darren and his team. I give him twice the Stars! and I also gave him my absolute friendship and respect! you couldn’t be in better hands with anyone else “I promise you that ” thank you Darren from me and all my family. We all thank you for your hard work!”Nick C.

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